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Digital pathology has become such an important part of many labs around the world. It’s best for pathologists to be able to utilize digital techniques to get the most out of samples. You probably already know how useful digital pathology can be, but did you know that artificial intelligence is poised to make things even better? Keep reading to explore how artificial intelligence is making a difference in the field of digital pathology. 

What AI Can Do

Artificial intelligence has been around for quite some time now, but it’s getting better each year. Currently, AI is capable of assisting people by using various types of algorithms. This can help with digital pathology by making it easier to identify certain things about samples. It can make analyzing samples a much more efficient process and it can also lead to more accurate results. 

Basically, the high-resolution images that are taken using digital pathology techniques can be shown to AI. This will give you the ability to use the proper algorithm to get the data that you want. Sometimes the algorithm will match up with something and you will be able to get very useful data just by running the AI algorithm. This would not be possible using only analog or traditional pathology techniques. 

Collaboration, Efficiency, and Reducing Errors

Using AI to help with digital pathology has the potential to make things much more efficient than usual. The AI is going to be able to look at things and match them up by utilizing the aforementioned algorithms. This can also help you to reduce errors because you won’t run the risk of missing things due to human error. Of course, this doesn’t mean that samples won’t also be thoroughly examined by professional pathologists using traditional methods as well as digital enhancements. 

Digital pathology has already been a game-changer when it comes to making things easier for pathologists. It makes it easier to collaborate and it opens up the possibility of working with remote pathologists. Being that there is currently a shortage of qualified pathologists, it’s good to know that AI can help out so much. Using AI can make it easier for pathologists to get through testing samples while keeping errors at an absolute minimum.