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Dana Loyal

Healthcare & Medicine

About Dana Loyal

Dana Loyal is a young science professional who is based in New Jersey. She has recently begun her career in forensic science and hopes to continue to grow and learn in this field. For as long as she can remember, Dana has been very interested in learning about the human body and studying anatomy. Through her education and career, she has gained experience in conducting research, giving presentations, and project management. 

Before Dana began working in forensic science, she decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Centenary University. This is a small private liberal arts university located in New Jersey. There, she majored in biology with a concentration in forensic science. The biology degree program is designed to provide a well-rounded education in various areas of science and offer students hands-on experiences. A forensic science concentration offers students courses within criminal justice to go along with their scientific studies. 

During her time at Centenary University, Dana Loyal was selected to participate in various research studies. In 2017, Dana joined an international team of researchers in Romania to conduct Juvenile Osteology Research in Odorheiu Secuiesc Romania. The team consisted of bioarchaeologists and forensic anthropologists who worked to process and analyze 14th-century juvenile human remains, which were housed in the Haaz Rezso Museum. Dana was fortunate to then present this research at the Second Annual Colloquium on Osteology and Transylvanian Bioarchaeology. 

Aside from the research she conducted in Romania, Dana also worked on other projects in the states as well. She participated in Dysautonomia and Heart Rate Variability Research in 2017 to 2018 and Breast Cancer Meta-Analysis research in 2018. After finalizing these projects, Dana presented each of these on different occasions. After completing the heart rate research, Dana was an honorary speaker and presented the research at Rutherford Hall. For breast cancer research, Dana Loyal presented at the Centenary University Faculty Research Presentation in 2018.  

While she was in college, Dana worked in different roles that gave her exposure to different aspects of biology and forensic science. She worked at the Morristown Medical Center Morgue as a Morgue Tech Assistant. There, she aided in conducting autopsies under the direction of the Medical Examiner and the Forensic Pathologist. Dana also worked at a funeral home as an assistant where she learned even more about the human body. She was able to help and learn the embalming process while also working to greet and manage guests.  

These roles have helped Dana understand that she wants to pursue a career in pathology working in a morgue setting. She hopes to utilize her knowledge and skills she has gained from these roles to guide her.

When Dana is not working or learning about biology, she enjoys spending time gardening. She enjoys taking care of her plants and watching them grow. Dana Loyal is also a fan of completing DIY projects in her free time. Additionally, Dana is passionate about dancing and has danced for years. She even works as an instructor where she teaches weekly classes and organizes various events for various groups. 

In August 2021, Dana will attend The University of Toledo to complete an accredited Pathologists’ Assistant program and receive her Master of Science in Biomedical Science (MSBS) degree to become a Pathologists’ Assistant.